Lina Premium Single Origin Coffee

Lina’s premium single-origin coffees are paving the way to new experiences with coffee. Originating in the heart of Colombia's coffee region, this farm is steeped in 3 generations of tradition in quality and hard work. The family's reputation for excellence has led to the coffee being awarded as one of Colombia's best.

The ultimate focus is on sustainability and producing the best quality single origin microlot and specialty coffees. With every process happening on the farm - from harvest to roast - only the best possible experience gets bagged.

Lina, proud to continue the traditions of her family, became part of the next generation of coffee farmers. She has dedicated her life to delivering exceptional coffee experiences and improving the lives of those who produce it.

“My childhood was spent in the mountains of Colombia, surrounded by the magical shades of green, which surprise all visitors with their beauty. Growing up on a coffee farm in the heart of my country, I woke up each morning to the rhythm of the harvest. The hustle and bustle of the pickers, whose baskets were always loaded with ruby red beans. The smell of ripe cherries meant that we would soon have the aromas of perfectly roasted coffee fill the air.”

This culture has shaped an unmatched brand of specialty coffee. Their traditions continue to this very day - nothing much has changed. The coffee is still hand-picked on the same farms, but today their specialty coffees are shipped to thousands of clients around the globe. 

The intergenerational quality of Lina’s coffee is defined by her unwavering commitment to community empowerment and sustainability. Making sure this premium coffee will continue to be produced by looking after the people that help produce it and the soil that grows it. That way we ensure an exceptional coffee experience, every time.

Lina Premium Coffee’s Mission 

Our mission is to design and execute plans for our community that focus on social well-being. We want to improve the quality of life for local farmers and their families. We aim to identify the needs of a very specific population of the farming community, especially the most vulnerable, namely single-parent households, those living with disabilities, and children. We can only do this if we are one with our community.

With this intention, we cultivate not only our coffee but also a strong bond within our local farming community. That is why Lina founded “Fundacion Colino” to which a portion of the proceeds from our sales goes. We do this to support the social needs of local Colombian farmers. Supporting the social well-being of our people and the greater community is what makes it possible for our premium coffee to reach your cup.

Our Vision 

Our vision is a unified and supported coffee community. It starts at a grassroots level, right here at home in Colombia. With your continued support, we can create a support network that will continuously implement and carry out solutions. 

These solutions will be specifically focused on our community’s overall quality of life and education, to ensure that we not only improve their present but also their futures.