The girl in the poster

This is an image of Lina, herself. This image was the actual poster used by the Coffee federation of Colombia in the late 1980's. The picture was taken on her father's farm, the same land where they still cultivate. 

Photo by: Felix Tisnes Jaramillo

Felix Tisnés, studied photography at the Technological University of Mexico and later at the Associated Press agency in New York. He was a graphic correspondent for newspapers–– El Espectador, La República and the National Press Service. He also collaborated in the newspapers El Colombiano, El País, El Occidente, EL TIEMPO and the magazine Cromos.

He was head of the photography department of El Siglo and permanent photojournalist for the Associated Press for Colombia, Central America, Venezuela and Ecuador between 1968 and 1980. From there, he worked as a photographer for the National Federation of Coffee Growers and for the international agency of ANSA news. On the subjects of coffee, Tisnés left one of the most complete and valuable samples of that industry.

His photographs have been exhibited in more than 30 rooms in Colombia and abroad, and for his work he received, among others, awards–– National Center for Photography Colombo Americana Award, Gold Medal (1968); honorable mention in the world competition of the World Press Photo (1971); second place in the same contest, in the Happy Facts of Life category (1977); world photography award, gold medal from the International Federation of Photography in Canada (1970); second place of Moscow Photo Interpreters (1977); Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award, in graphic reporting (1978).