Coffee Pairing

To get the most out of the pairing experience, you need to understand the possibilities. We’ll take a quick look at some of our best blends, varieties, and infusions for pairing.

Estate, Finca la Lina

Method of preparation: Drip Brew and French press

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: A medium body, smooth balanced coffee with a mellow citric acidic residual, and a sweet caramel finish.

Riesling - Estate, Finca la Lina (High altitude Colombian Castillo)

Ideal for pairing with vegetarian dishes with light or no sauces. In addition, delicate (or raw) fish, Asian cuisine, chicken, salmon and tuna are also paired well with this Colombian classic.

Estate, City Roast

Method of preparation: Drip Brew and French press

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: Structured full-bodied coffee with chocolate and almond notes. Processing the whole cherry leaves a unique subtle sweet earthy flavor, while still maintaining its smooth balanced characteristics.

Merlot, Shiraz - Whole Cherry Processed Colombian Castillo variety, French Press, Drip brew

Pairs well with chicken and other light meats as well as lightly-spiced dark meats. Roast vegetables with a light caramelization adds to the complexity. The delicate flavors of lamb and duck also pair extremely well with this coffee.


Methods of preparation: Drip Brew, pour-over, or french press

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: Borbon Natural

Description: Delicate notes of a pleasant sweet, caramel aroma and hints of citrus blossoms. Along with spice notes of clove, cinnamon and allspice, the buttery creaminess of the body will carry into the aftertaste.

Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling - Borbon Natural

Simple, barely seasoned ingredients such as raw and lightly cooked shellfish like oysters and shell-on prawns, fresh crab and simply grilled fish such as sea bass. Also a great match with Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

Honey La Lina [a]

Method of preparation: Pour-over

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High Altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: The Honey processing technique[b] brings out the deep fruity characteristics of the coffee with delicately sweet nutty tones. It offers a smooth clean taste of sweet honey and sugar cane.

Chardonnay - Honey La Lina

Pairs exceptionally well with any fish or shellfish courses. Excellent with poultry and light vegetable dishes. Consider a honey yogurt dressing on your poultry or crushed nuts on your salad to pick up the flavors of the coffee even more.

Espresso La Lina

Method of preparation: Espresso or French press

Grind: Fine grind

Variety: Medium/High Roast Blend of Caturro and Castillo Colombian varieties.

Description: This perfect blend of Colombian varieties results in a creamy clean cup with a perfectly balanced nutty profile.

Cabernets, Malbec, Shiraz - Naturally Processed Caturra variety, Espresso, French Press, or Moka.

Red meat/ beef/ lamb with robust vegetables such as Brussel sprouts, broccoli, or beet. Rich pasta dishes also work well with this creamy coffee profile. A creamy vegan pasta sauce made with almonds goes exceptionally well as a pairing.


Method of preparation: Pour-over or drip-brewed

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: Tri-blend of the exotic varieties, Gesha, Red Borbón, and Natural Borbón.

Description: This combination is extraordinarily smooth. The citric fruity flavor with a surprisingly deep and naturally sweet earthy undertone offers a complex and crisp experience.

Chardonnay - Trivarietal blend, French Pressed

Pairs well with sushi/ shellfish/ flaky white fish. Expect an explosion of flavors when you sip this together with a meal. Try a lemon herb sauce over your fish to pick up on the citrus in the coffee, or if you prefer, smoke the fish to compliment the earthy undertones.


Method of preparation: Pour-over

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: Gesha

Description: This enchanting flavor profile offers an extremely alluring floral aromatic, with a delicate acidity. The complex notes of tangerine and mango excite while the long sweet after taste offers the perfect finish.

Sauvignon Blanc - Gesha Pour Over

Pair with a light, fresh, herb chicken/ white fish/ vegetarian meal. As a side dish, consider a fragrant Lemon Pilaf.

Borbón blend

Method of preparation: Pour-over, drip-brewed, or espresso.

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: Blend of red, pink, and yellow Borbón varieties.

Description: The pinot noir of coffee. A versatile wide range of harmonious flavors blended perfectly. The cherry red, berry fruit, and chocolate tones will delight.

Pinot Grigio - Yellow Borbon Variety

Antipasto/ Seafood pasta/ fried vegetables, chicken or seafood. The chocolate undertones also make this a perfect pairing for decadent desserts or chocolate inspired entrees.