Cultured Infusion

What if flavored coffee could be all-natural? Is that even possible? At Lina Premium Coffee, our coffee processing techniques pay homage to the of Colombian way of doing things, and we also look at where coffee can go. These flavor infusions are the healthiest way to get subtle natural flavors into the micro-biology of the coffee bean. Much of the process is a trade secret, but we can say without question that it's all-natural and a labor of love. For example–with our tangerine, we pick ripe fruit straight from the trees, and during the coffee fermenting process, we integrate the two. The outcome is a game-changer. Stop putting sugar-laden syrups with artificial flavor enhancers and stabilizers into your body each morning. Taste the difference. 



Coffee Fermentation: What Is It & How Can It Improve Coffee Quality?

Some people hate coffee fermentation. Some people love it. But one thing’s for sure: it’s the new trend in coffee processing.

So, what actually is fermentation? How can it be used to improve coffee quality? And is it even possible to process coffee without it?

To answer these questions, I spoke to Carlos Guiraldeli, Post-Harvest Coordinator at O’Coffee, a Brazilian farm that produces direct trade specialty coffees. He’s heading an experimental program that explores how fermentation can affect coffee the entire article here