Flavor infusions

Our unique innovation of natural coffee infusion allows us to create new taste experiences. Forget the store bought “flavored coffees” that are sprayed with artificial flavors and doused with sweeteners, our coffees are naturally infused through a special fermentation process creating something organic that blends seamlessly with a variety of food and wine pairings.

The flavor palate on our specialty infused coffees range from lighter fresh notes to deeper, bolder fragrant tones. This opens up the possibility for a wide range of unique coffee food pairings.

What we are aiming to achieve is that there will be a consistent, harmonious flavor trend throughout the meal to compliment both the food and the accompanying beverages.

The Tangerine, Calala and Maypop infusions work amazingly well with fresh salads, lighter sushis and summer dishes. Those that would traditionally be paired with white or sparkling wines, cocktails such as Gin tonic, or margaritas and clear beers.

In contrast, the Spice and Eucalyptus infusions compliment red or game meats, as well as dishes that are spicier, like Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine. Paired with bolder wines and stronger liquors such as whiskey, rums or bourbon these infusions create an explosion of flavors.

Tangerine infusion

Method: Pour-over

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: Complex citric characteristics and a delicate orange blossom finish.

Chenin Blanc, Riesling - Tangerine

Pairs well with fresh salads, al dente sauteed vegetable dishes, raw fish or chicken entrées. Get experimental by mixing up your salad greens with goat cheese and finish off with a splash of tangerine vinaigrette - a perfect mirrored coffee pairing. 

Maypop (Tropical fruits) infusion

Method: Pour-over

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: Exotic tropical infusion with intense citric flavors. The aromatic passion and star fruits add to its complexity.

Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Chenin Blanc - Maypop (Tropical fruits)

The fruity flavors make this a great pairing option for fresh green vegetables, dishes with herbs (salads, roast veg, or a delicious Pasta Pesto). The fruitiness of the coffee combined with these flavors will give you the taste of summer in your mouth!

Calala (Pineapple) infusion

Method: Pour-over

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: Rare tones of mature cooked fruits, complex and smooth.

Chardonnay, Riesling - Calala (Pineapple)

Paired with meats that aren’t too heavy or overpowering creates a harmonious combination of flavors. Salmon, shrimp, pork, chicken, and turkey are perfect to combine in a lite salad. Sauces featuring tamarind, ginger, sesame, and plum also harmonize beautifully with this fruity coffee.

Baby blue (Eucalyptus) infusion

Method: Pour-over or drip-brewed

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: Unique, high complexity flavors. Wood, menthol, and deep forest traits make this infusion unique.

Merlot, Shiraz, Pinotage - Eucalyptus

The earthy, fresh, minty undertones complement Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine as a contrasting flavor. This bright, bold coffee is also great served cold.

Spice infusion

Method: Pour-over or French press

Grind: Medium grind

Variety: High altitude Colombian Castillo

Description: A spice explosion of anis, cardamom, cinnamon, and floral notes. A highly complex coffee infusion.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Spice

Complex, bold, and spicy tones complement red meat, including prime rib and filet mignon. Pair with lamb or pepper- crusted ahi tuna for an exceptional experience.


Pairing coffee with food is a personal journey. It is important to tweak the grind, amount of coffee per milliliter of water, and extraction time, for the perfect result that will suit your preferences. Coffee is an experience, and getting the perfect combination for your palate is the key to unlocking the complex and delicate flavors of the coffee.

To intrigue your guests, try coffee cupping and a wine tasting together with your meals. You, and your guests, will be surprised by the similarities and harmonies that arise.

Coffee varietals have many more flavor notes than wine and, by combining the two, many more combinations wait to be discovered. Use wine as a comparison and friend to coffee pairings, but always follow your gut and senses when it comes to these unique culinary pairings.

We hope this allows you to start exploring the complexities and wonders of this delicately complex brew we all love.