Pairing Recommendations

As we start to explore the complexities of different coffees, we can start to understand the huge variances in potential flavor profiles due to the origin, variety, processing, and brewing methods. Understanding how to pair those unique and diverse flavors with food is a journey.

Everyone has their own preferences in how a coffee should taste, but to truly experience coffee, you need to be open to new ideas and recommendations. If you’re open to it, pairing coffee with meals can truly elevate the experience.

While pairing wine is like welcoming an old friend into your home, pairing coffee is like something you’ve never experienced before. You can either complement your meal by mirroring tastes or create contrasting effects to bring out something different and unexpected.

“As with anything you put in your body, you should think about what you

consume. They should be things of quality and interest — because the dining

experience is a moment when you’ve stopped all other activities, and it’s a time

to collect your thoughts, to be with yourself and your friends, and to share ideas.

You should put interesting things on the table, both literally and figuratively —

including interesting things to drink.”

— DANIEL JOHNNES, extract from What to Drink with What you Eat

The complexity we find in some coffee varieties is astounding, but creating harmony with your meal can only be achieved with the right pairing. When selecting a wine to pair with your meal is all about trying to maintain the balance of flavors. The same is true when pairing coffee.