The Coffee Lover’s Guide

Pairing Coffee with Food

Coffee has always been with us, in fact, it’s been center stage to most of our life experiences. We start our mornings with a good cup of coffee, maybe you’ve even had a first date over a coffee. And, if we're being honest, most of us got through college fueled by coffee. Life has happened over a cup of coffee.

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The Evolution of Coffee Culture

Perhaps the best place to start discussing the coffee and food experience is to understand how our relationship with coffee has evolved. First discovered in Ethiopia, coffee has since spread across the globe - arriving in Colombia and the Americas around 300 years ago, and since then has become part of a global culture...

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Lina Premium Single Origin Coffee

Lina’s premium single-origin coffees are paving the way to new experiences with coffee. Originating in the heart of Colombia's coffee region, this farm is steeped in 3 generations of tradition in quality and hard work. The family's reputation for excellence has led to the coffee being awarded as one of Colombia's best...

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How to Pair Coffee with Food

The right type of coffee - from the bean variety to how it’s processed and prepared - is what you pair with a meal. In exactly the way a sommelier would choose the best wine to pair, you need to have the right coffee to start pairing dishes...

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Pairing Recommendations

As we start to explore the complexities of different coffees, we can start to understand the huge variances in potential flavor profiles due to the origin, variety, processing, and brewing methods. Understanding how to pair those unique and diverse flavors with food is a journey...


Coffee Pairing

To get the most out of the pairing experience, you need to understand the possibilities. We’ll take a quick look at some of our best blends, varieties, and infusions for pairing...


Flavor infusions

Our unique innovation of natural coffee infusion allows us to create new taste experiences. Forget the store bought “flavored coffees” that are sprayed with artificial flavors and doused with sweeteners, our coffees are naturally infused through a special fermentation process creating something organic that blends seamlessly with a variety of food and wine pairings...