Sudan Rume (2x1)

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2x1 coffee bags, include shipping. 7 days to process the order.
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Best for: Pour over and Brewed

Recommended grind: Medium  

Profile: Exotic special variety with notes of blueberry, red apple, cherry notes, and spice finish. 

La Riviera
1750 mts.


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What makes Lina different?

Congratulations on finding your way to a new coffee experience. One with a sense of purpose. If you've made it this far we know already how much you care about where and how your coffee is sourced. A grape is to wine, what our beans are to your coffee. Experience a bean that does not hide behind heavy roasting techniques, rather explodes from a delicate harvesting and roasting process that augments the beans profile strengths and unique imperfections. Want to learn more about our coffee processes? Click below!

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